I’m a biology student, but in my free time (or time I should be using to work…) I LOVE to bake, and in fact to cook in general. I love spices and experimenting with flavour. Most of all, though, I love tea and cake.

The blog title comes from this webcomic, Questionable Content, which is awesome. There’s a shirt too (I have the shirt). So all credit for the name goes to QC’s creator, Jeph Jacques.

It’s true. Baking is a science. The ratios and quantities matter more when you’re baking, when you’re trying to get exactly the right texture. I like to know why and how recipes work, and hopefully I’ll be able to pass on some of the knowledge I gain through experimenting. Tasty tasty experiments.

I like cooking savoury foods too (you can’t live on cake alone, sadly). This year I want to learn how to make various breads (baking AND savoury, see). This blog is where I document what works and what doesn’t, and recipes and tweaks I don’t want to forget.


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