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Mint and chickpea curry with chapattis

If you like curry flavours, but not the heat, this chickpea and yellow split pea curry with a mint sauce will be perfect for you. It’s very refreshing and summery.

curry & chapatti

I found this recipe via Gojee. It’s a Madhur Jaffery recipe via Eats Well With Others.

The idea is pretty simple: simmer chickpeas and yellow split peas (aka chana dahl, I think – I am not sure what the difference is. In the shop where I found yellow split peas, “chana dahl” was also labelled as “pois chiches”, i.e. chickpeas in French… so I’m not sure, but one or the other or both will surely taste good). Once they are cooked, add them to gently fried vegetables and onion (I had cabbage to use up, so in it went), and add a spice paste including large amounts of mint. Simmer until delicious.


We had canned chickpeas, so used those. If I used them again I’d cook them for a bit before adding them to the sauce as although technically cooked they were still quite crunchy compared to the split peas.

cooking chapatti

The chapatti recipe came from Manjula’s Kitchen. I have never made any kind of breads before, so these flatbreads were a nice simple way to start off my plan of learning to make bread this year. They didn’t puff up as much as I was expecting, and were not as flexible once cooked as I’d hoped… I think perhaps the dough was too thick. Definite room for improvement!